You're overwhelmed with where to start and how to find the time. You're frustrated with trying to figure out what to eat or not eat. You're tired of not feeling great and having no energy.  And ultimately, you want less shame (about your body and your food) and more joy (in your daily life). 

I'm thrilled to say you can stop banging your head against the wall. This time is different – you don't have to do it alone anymore.

I'll help you create realistic habits that fit into your busy day, and learn how to stop "should-ing" on yourself and start flourishing. It's your turn. Restore your energy, revive your joy, and reclaim your life.  




Try a new way to add joy with a FREE adult coloring book page which includes one of my favorite stress-reducing mantras!

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I share yummy recipes I've tried, new approaches to health, wellness and happiness, and behind-the-scenes of my own journey.

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Confused by of the conflicting health info in the news? Have you been "should-ing" on yourself? Together, we'll find what feeds you – mind, body and spirit, without the guilt or shame!

How to work with me

She was able to help me work toward my goals by showing me simple ways to make sure I’m eating healthy quantities of food that will fuel me. Connecting caring for myself, in more ways than just food, has made me feel better and happier.
— AK (coaching package)