ME, TOO. (high five!)

My career has gone down a few paths – I’ve worked for corporations, small businesses, and myself...twice, actually (I used to be a wellness coach). The one constant throughout my career, and tbh, my life, has been design. I’m the person at the dinner party debating whether or not there are any good uses for Comic Sans (no) and discussing Pantone color(s) of the year. I’ve always been fascinated by art in all forms and I’m at my best when I’m using my love of design to help others achieve their goals.

So finally, I listened to my heart, and I found my Goldilocks of work, where it feels “just right.” The sacred spot where my passions combine and align.

I’m a web and brand designer helping small businesses thrive. My work inspires me and helps others – often that’s coaches, salon owners, yoga teachers, creatives, wellness practitioners, nonprofits, etc. It lights me up to work with these heart-centered businesses, and I can't wait to hear your vision for yours!


Are you getting your new business off the ground? You've probably got that motivated, adrenaline-pumping energy going on. (I love that feeling!) And maybe a tidbit of nervousness? Totally normal. I'm here for support. 

Or have you been running your biz for a bit and tried to do all of the design stuff on your own? And you're overwhelmed. Learning the technology; choosing fonts, colors, sizes, images, layouts – you don’t want to spin your wheels anymore. You simply want something you're proud of, that represents you & your work, so when potential clients see it, they think "yes please!"

Take a breath of relief, because that's what I want for you, too. You can trust me to take over the design reigns, so you can focus on doing the amazing things you do best.

I've got an innate knack for planning, organizing and attention to details (I'm a Virgo), so I take all of the overwhelm out of this creation process. Instead, it will feel like a piece of cake. I'm bringing you layers of artistic and technical skills filled with brand coaching frosting, and a sprinkle of enthusiasm on top. Yum!

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I live in New England with my inspiring wife and adorable, food-obsessed lhasa apso, Roxy.

I’m endlessly curious and passionate about life. (I love to have all the feels!) 

For me, self-care is connecting to nature, barre & yoga, meditation, good food, journaling, reading (I prefer an old-school book-in-hand to a kindle/nook) & movies.

A few of my paradoxes:  
• I've got a logical mind + a hippie artist’s heart
• I love green juice + donuts (not necessarily together)
I'm an animal lover + a bug hater

I love to explore the world – tree-filled woods, waves and water (ocean, lake, river, pond – give me all of it) and new restaurants.

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