Apple Picking Health Coach


I'm on a mission to help women reignite their health, vitality and joy. (And show them that they freaking deserve it!)

We'll toss out the old paths of guilt, shame and punishment (they haven't worked so far, right?) Instead, we'll work on small changes that add up to transformation. You'll discover how to fully nourish yourself. There's more to health than just eating your veggies!

Of course we'll start with food and nutrition, but then we're going way deeper! In the process, you'll stop the self-loathing and start self-loving, because that's essential in order to thrive. 




I was miserable, yet super "successful" in a corporate job, and I wanted to change careers to something nutrition related. But I was too scared to leave something I was good at, especially with a big stable salary. Then a relative had a health scare, and I realized that I didn't want my stress to manifest into illness and I didn't want to sacrifice my health and happiness for money any longer.

In those same years, I was struggling with classic chubby-girl-body-hatred and anxiety. I wasn't an athlete in high school or college or even after that but, in 2012, I tried Mind Body Barre and fell in love. The welcoming, supportive community was what I'd been looking for! I started breaking my own boundaries. I started running (my 13 year old self was so confused and amazed), and worked through some "ish" in the process. I realized that I was physically getting stronger, but the bonus was that my horrible anxiety was also improving! I started changing the story I'd been telling myself about who I was, and who I should be. I got into an upwards cyclone of self-and-society-made rule breaking, with lots of support from my true love T-Money (that's her fake rap name).


The combination of these paths lead me to where I am now. I didn't want to have regrets from living in fear and not enjoying my body and life. I realized that I had the power to change it. (And you do, too!) 

I became a barre instructor, got my Reiki I certification, went back to school to follow my nutrition passion and attended Wanderlust yoga festival(a long time dream). That festival was a life changing experience. It gave me the final inspiration and self-inquiry to help me ultimately find the chutzpah to leave the corporate world to start my own biz!

Today, I dress like I'm a teenager half the time. Yes, health is serious stuff, but I don't take myself too seriously. I like to have fun, be sarcastic, and express myself, which often includes swearing. This means you can feel comfy doing the same. (And being honest and open with me will be vital in working together.) I love being in nature, playing with animals, cooking, and trying new things. I'm thrilled to help people rejuvenate their lives by breaking through what's holding them back. 

Does any of this feel familiar? Tired of the body-hating thoughts that run through your mind or you want to feel better than "meh" everyday? Or maybe someone you know is ill, and you've realized the time is NOW to take charge of your health and life. I understand, because I've lived it. 

Talk to me. Email me to schedule a strategy session. 

I cannot recommend [the Sugar Showdown workshop] enough... It is not a science lecture! I am starting to evaluate decisions I make about food and the impact those decisions have on my body and mind.
— LH (workshop attendee)
Chantelle’s words of support and encouragement have helped me to dig deep within myself... I’ve learned so much from her in such a short time and am stronger and happier because of it
— GL (coaching package)