Here's the scene... I'm at the gym last night on a treadmill next to T$, she's walking along, doing her thing. I haven't run in a while because April was a heavy yoga month for me, so I'm alternating between jogging and walking (love the couch to 5k app). I'm rocking out to my music, really enjoying the cardio sweat I'm getting. I'm excited and proud of my body that it has the strength to jog for even a few minutes at a time. I'm feeling great. I have about 5-6 more minutes left of my workout. I get a text saying a friend just sent me an invite. So I go into my Mail app to check it.

And then I forget to keep running. My legs apparently stop.

So I trip/fall down. I'm sitting/laying on the treadmill and I'm not fighting it. I let it carry me off. Boom. I'm on the ground. I call for my wife, and the people in front of us turn around with concern. "I'm okay" I tell them. I pause in shock, to asses if that is actually true. Am I bleeding? Am I broken anywhere? Knock on wood, I didn't knock my head on the handles and my shirt didn't get pulled under into the treadmill band. She asks if I'm okay, and helps me up, hands me my phone back. And I walked for another 5 minutes to cool down and prove to myself and everyone that saw, that I really am okay.

I finished my cool down and met T$ in the locker room. She checks again to make sure I'm alright. My knee and wrists are skinned and bruised, but overall so fine. Phew!

Then she loses it. Hysterical laughter. So much that she's crying as she drives home because it keeps replaying in her head. She said I looked like I was produce at the grocery store, ready to be scanned. Just going down the conveyer belt. My mom later added that my next tattoo should be a barcode.

I keep laughing everytime I think about it. I wasn't really embarrassed at the gym, surprisingly. I know it's happened to other people before, and will again in the future.

Health coach PSA time! Be mindful when you're working out. Being focused on your workout is important so that you make the most of the time you're putting in. If you're working the elliptical or biking or walking while you're focused on something else like a book, you often don't work as hard as you would otherwise. You're not tuning in to the clues your body is giving. That your body could be going faster/harder, or conversely if you're pushing too hard, you might not hear the alarms going off. You'll strengthen the mind-body connection if you give yourself a little space to tune in to your body.

And of course safety. As funny as it was, it could have ended in a trip to the emergency room. No email is worth risking injury, especially when it's only 30-60 minutes.I thanked the universe for the lesson and for not being seriously hurt. From now on, I'm turning on "do not disturb" when I work out!

Have you ever fallen off the treadmill or had a workout related accident?