Indoor rock climbing. It's something I've wanted to try for a while, so when my friend recommended a place on FB AND they happened to have a Groupon running on the same day, I thanked the Universe for the signs, and bought it. Fast forward a few months, and we went this weekend!

I am "afraid of heights." Well, it's more that I'm afraid of falling from the heights. And my upper body is definitely much stronger than when I was young, but realistically, honestly, not my strongest area.

But I try not to let my insecurities about my strength or fears hold me back like they used to. So we went, but I was nervous, for sure.

The staff was very nice, but there was a huuuuge kids party going on. So it was quite loud/busy there. Not the best combination with my nerves, but I powered through, and focused as the guy taught us how to climb the auto-belay walls. (Meaning we didn't have to pay for someone to manage the ropes for us. Instead there's a machine that holds the ropes and uses gentle gravity to bring you back down when you're ready.)

I made T$ try first, because she wasn't nervous, and she's stronger. She did great! Climbed to the top!

Then my turn.Rock Climbing Health Coach

I did my best. I climbed almost halfway up. It wasn't super scary like other heights, because it's all padded on the ground, but I wasn't enjoying it. Turns out, it's not the kind of challenging I enjoy. I always joke (but I'm serious) with T$ that I can't carry big boxes/furniture when we move, unless they have handles. I need something to grip. Same situation applies to rock climbing for me. I think if they had a super-beginner version, where every "rock nub" had a place to actually grip, I'd have enjoyed it more.

But I'm glad I tried it. I'm really proud of myself for giving it a shot and pushing myself. It makes me excited to find the next new thing I'll try!

Tell me in the comments: when's the last time you tried something new? How'd it go? 

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