I am feeling very fortunate that we were able to sign up for a half-share of a CSA from an organic farm in our area this year. I'm so pumped to incorporate these yummy fresh fruits and veggies into my regular meal planning. I'm going to share on the blog to give you ideas for how to use seasonal produce you see at the grocery store or farmer's market!

A CSA stands for community supported agriculture. You pre-pay for a season of fresh, local produce, and some farms include flowers and/or eggs. Usually they offer full or half shares, so you can choose depending on the number of people in your family/roommates and you pick it up once a week. I am so excited!

This was the first week and when I went to the farm to pick it up, it was like choose your own adventure (so fun!).
They had cute chalkboards set up to tell the CSA peeps what to take, and for the half-share, I had options: 1 bag of Salad Mix or 1 bunch of Spinach (I got the salad mix) 1 head of Lettuce or 1 head of Bok Choy (I squealed and got the bok choy since they never have it at my Stop & Shop!)  1 bunch of Arugula or 1 bunch of Mustard Greens (I got arugula) 1 bunch of Kale or 1 bunch of Swiss Chard (I got swiss chard) 1 bunch of Radishes

This is my plan of how I'm going to use them this week: 

  • RADISH - grilled rosemary pouch with veggie kabobs (Made this Saturday night - sliced the radishes, put them in a foil pouch with a tablespoon of butter & few dashes of rosemary, salt, pepper, then on the grill for about 15 minutes. Very soft and subtle - great if the usual crunch + sharp flavor is too much for you.)
  • BOK CHOY - stir fry with tofu, pea pods, broccoli in teriyaki sauce with brown rice
  • ARUGULA - use as the base for beet, feta, walnut salad + balsamic glaze dressing
  • SWISS CHARD - chard + black bean quesadillas (I'll post the recipe next week)
  • SALAD MIX - base as a lunch salad with red peppers and falafel

I often post other meal ideas on Instagram - are you following me there yet?

CSA Seasonal Produce

I cannot get over the color of these radishes!! I know I'm biased since bright pink is my favorite color, but still. Nature made that color?! Amazing. You can cook and eat the radish greens - but I got scared and didn't do it. The prickly-ness of the leaves freaked me out, and T$ is very sensitive to prickly foods (she won't eat artichokes). Maybe I'll be braver next time.

I stored the arugula in the fridge, standing in a mason jar of water. That's how you can keep herbs fresh, and I figured it might work with arugula... so far so good!

Do you have any greens on your menu for the week? What kind?