It's the second week of the spring/summer CSA, and I'm so excited about all of the new foods I'm going to try. The farm sends a weekly email to tell us about what they're planting and harvesting, and what will be in the CSA's for the week ahead. I love it. I like feeling like I'm getting a preview of what's coming up and a peak at the behind-the-scenes of what's going on at the farm. These were the half share options for this week (full share doesn't have to do much choosing of either/or... thinking it would be amazing to get the full share next year!):

1 bag of Salad Mix or 1 head of Lettuce (I loved last week's salad mix, so I got that again) 1 bunch of Arugula or 1 bunch of Kale or 1 bunch of Mustard Greens (Kale) 1 head of Fennel or 1 head of Napa Cabbage or 1 head of Bok Choi (Napa Cabbage because I've never used it) 1 bunch of Beets or 1 bunch of Turnips or 1 bunch of Radishes (Beets because they had golden beets, which I never see in the grocery store)  1 bunch of Herbs (chives)

CSA week 2

This is my plan of how I’m going to use them this week: 

  • SALAD MIX – base as a lunch salad with beets, feta and walnuts
  • KALE – kale chips! I made them a few weeks ago, and T$ requested I make them again
  • NAPA CABBAGE – a twist on moo shu vegetables
  • GOLDEN BEETS – roasting, then adding to salad for lunch (see above)
  • CHIVES – all the things!
    • Strawberries: If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I only got 1 pint and I'm regretting it - they're gorgeous, delicious and juicy!
    • Scarlet Queen Turnips: going to cut them very thin to add to salad - I'm a sucker for pretty produce!

What's your favorite root veggie? 

Note: I think many people go grocery shopping and to farmer's markets over the weekend, so I'm going to do my CSA Meal Suggestions post on Fridays, based on that farmer's email, to be most timely/helpful. However, in a few weeks I'm going to start picking up my CSA on Saturdays, so the photos of the weekly catch will be delayed. I figure the content of the suggestions is more important than produce-photos?!