Week 3 wheeee! This week's farm email was filled with info about how and when they harvest the kale (and the differences between the types) and which crops are easier (greens) or harder (root veggies) to bunch for selling. This may sound silly, but I am really loving the behind-the-scenes! These are the half share options for this week's CSA: 1/2 pint strawberries (Bought an extra 1/2 pint because they're so gorgeous & delicious) 1 head of Lettuce 1 bunch of Arugula or 1 bunch of Kale (Arugula because when I got it a few weeks ago, I fell in love with it's flavor, and I didn't used to be a huge fan. I think the fresh/local really makes a difference! ) 1 bunch of Tat Soi or 1 bunch of Mustard Greens (Tat soi because I’d never heard of it!) 1 bunch of Turnips or 1 bunch of Radishes or 1 bunch of Herbs (Scarlet queen turnips again, because pink) 
CSA Tat Soi

This is my plan of how I’m going to use them: 

  • STRAWBERRIES – as is, rinse & eat
  • LETTUCE – you guessed it, lunch salad! This week will have almonds + beets or black beans + avocado
  • ARUGULA – thinking of making a salad pizza on the grill (maybe with a few strawberries?!)
  • TAT SOI – mixed with lettuce for lunch salad or tossed in a teriyaki stir fry (From what I've read, you can eat it raw or cooked)
  • TURNIPS + TURNIP GREENS – roasted + sautéed, respectively, as sides for veggie burgers
  • BONUS: more beets – I roasted the golden beets last week, and they're more subtle than traditional red beets - less "earthy" and so pretty

I love trying new foods, but I understand why some people don't. It can be intimidating to buy something that you have no clue how to prep/cook/eat. If you're looking to get out of a food (or stress) rut, email me to set up a chat. When I recommend a new food, I always give a few recipes and tips so that you'll feel more comfortable experimenting.

What's your favorite salad right now?