I'm going to be away this weekend (find me on Instagram to follow my adventures), so I won't be getting my half share CSA at the farm. Don't worry, a friend is going to get/use the organic veggies instead! I'm going to play make-believe and give you my ideas on what I would make. These are the half share options for this week's CSA:

CSA strawberries1 pint of Strawberries or 2 lbs. of Mixed Summer Squash (Strawberries because I'm obsessed. Look at them. You want to just take a big bite without even washing them, right?)  1 head of Lettuce 1 head of Caraflex Cabbage or 1 head of Napa Cabbage or 1 head of Bok Choi (Caraflex cabbage because it's also known as cone, rosebud, arrowhead and gnome cabbage! And I've never had it.)  1 bunch of Kale or 1 bunch of Spring Onions (Spring onions) 1 bunch of Herbs

This is my make-believe plan: 

  • STRAWBERRIES – as is, rinse + eat or in a smoothie
  • LETTUCE – often, lunch salad!
  • CARAFLEX CABBAGE – grilled (Cut in half, drizzle salt, pepper + oil, grill, then sprinkle parmesan on top when serving.)
  • SPRING ONIONS – this asparagus + spring onion dish, or if you like eggs, a frittata (I really wish I liked eggs!)
  • HERBS – all the things!

Depending on how I feel on Monday, I might end up at the farm buying these goodies because I think I'll be sad to miss a week. Especially the strawberries because they really are SO much better than the year-round, travelled-long-distance, store-bought variety. I think I want to do a salad with them, arugula, pecans and a balsamic glaze next week.

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