If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I was away at the Wanderlust Festival last weekend (more on that in a future post). While we were gone, I wanted to lessen our food-spending a bit, as well as be prepared in case the non-stop yoga made me hungrier than normal. So we planned ahead.

I made us wraps for Thursday's lunch, filled with greens, beets, kalamata olives and feta. T$ said it was the best wrap she'd ever had! What what! Proud wifey moment, for sure!

I could have made us PB&J for the other day's lunches (since they don't need a fridge to stay ok), but she eats PB&J every work day, and I wanted to get lunch at least one day from the different food trucks + stands! (I got very yummy tacos.)

We packed lots of no-fridge-needed-snacks to munch on during the car rides and in between meals at the festival. There were a few days that I didn't have time to eat actual lunch, so I ate snacks right before a next class started. We brought cashews, bananas, almond butter, kale chips, cheddar bunnies and protein shake powder. (I had planned to make my own protein/nut butter bites but I ran out of time before we left!)

Ice Cream BarFortunately, the festival also had vendors giving away samples every day, so we supplemented the snacks we brought by trying new protein bars, almond-milk-frozen-treats (see blurry photo), granola bars, green juice and tumeric juice. And we stayed in a hotel with cold continental breakfast included, so we made sure to eat there every morning to get a fill of fresh fruit and greek yogurt.

When we go to the beach, or other summer day trips, we often bring a cooler packed with wraps/sandwiches, hummus with pretzels + carrot sticks, watermelon, grapes, almonds or cashews and water. Generally, if you pack nuts, fruit and a sandwich-or-salad, there's enough variety of sweet, salty, dry and juicy to cover the bases. Keeping them in an iced cooler means if you don't eat them, they can just go back in the fridge when you get home. This helps you avoid getting hangry! (I'm sure that doesn't only happen to me!) Even if we end up stopping for lunch or dinner, it's less than it would be without the cooler, and I don't have the "what if the only thing we can find is a McD's" worries.

What do foods do you bring with you to the beach or on summer road trips?