tomato mozzarella basilSince this upcoming weekend is traditionally a big grilling/potluck/party weekend in the US, to celebrate Fourth of July/Independence Day, I figured it was a good time to share a few side-dish recipes. I'm planning to try them this summer, either when we host get togethers or to bring to parties. I often bring the same things over and over: tomato/mozzarella/basil sticks (which do make for fun presentation), crudite with hummus and standard green salad.

No-Mayo Potato Salad I get weirded out when traditional potato salad is sitting out on a table in the summer for a few hours, so I don't like to make that. And I also don't love hate mustard. So I wanted to find another solution to the classic BBQ side. This one looks easy and yummy, but I'm going to add a small amount of red onions or chives or scallions to give it a zing.

Zucchini Corn Salad  This is a twist on a traditional Mexican side dish, calabacitas. This version has no cheese and could be served hot or cold. I love salads that have lime juice in summer - so fresh!

Rainbow Veggie Kabobs These are too pretty! And very straightforward. Assemble veggies in every color of the rainbow, put on a skewer, season + oil, grill. Instantly great presentation for the veggies. I will do this with fruit too (with or without the grilling!)

Cucumber Watermelon Salad With a minty, peanutty twist! (I'll probably swap for cashews because I like them better.)

Your turn! What's your go-to summer potluck side dish?