Six weeks in, and I'm still excited to get the farm's email and pick up the veggies. It's an adventure to find ways to use them all. Last week we grilled the Caraflex cabbage with a bit of oil, garlic + onion powder, salt + pepper; it had less "cabbagey" flavor than I expected so I was pleasantly surprised. Have you eaten any new-to-you cabbages this summer?  These are our half share options this week, and what I’m doing with them:

  • Lacinato Dino Kale1.5 lbs. of Mixed Summer Squash – I got all yellow-colored-squashes, but they're not actually "yellow summer squash" (more details/explanation coming in a future post!); going to stuff the patty pan + grill the others
  • 2 Slicing Cucumbers or 4 Pickling Cucumbers –  slicing and dipping into hummus (I'll cut them all on Sunday so they're ready when I'm looking for a mid-afternoon snack during the week)
  • 1 bunch of Carrots or and 1 bunch of Beets – I couldn't resist getting both (I paid for the carrots separately)... carrots to eat raw with the cukes and the beets will be roasted for lunches again (I'm kind of obsessed with the color and flavor of the golden beets right now!)
  • dino lacinato kale1 bunch of Spring Onions or 1 bunch of Kale – Dino (lacinato) for massaged kale salad again! Is it only in my imagination that the grocery story never has this kind? I'm trying to take advantage while it's available
  • 1 pint of Snow Peas or 1 head of Red Cabbage – Sautée them lightly with peppers in olive oil and a touch of garlic and add to pasta or quinoa = simple & tasty!

I realize that I use most of the CSA veggies for lunches, so I thought it might be helpful to post my dinner plans for the next week too, in case you're in a dinner rut! (I could also give you ideas tailored specifically for you/your family – let's chat.)

Sunday: Grilled squash + mushrooms with black beans + avo (a twist on a fajita bowl) Monday: Peas, peppers + pasta (see above) Tuesday T$'s birthday, so probably have sushi because it's her fav Wednesday: Stuffing patty pans with brown rice, beet greens + feta with sautéed chickpeas on the side  Thursday: My cousins will be visiting, so dinner out Friday: Possibly dinner out with my cousins OR the lentil beet burgers I made this week (I made enough to freeze a bunch) Saturday: Grilled pizza

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