It's the second edition – three links to things from the interweb that I hope will inspire you to create, nourish and/or thrive...or just make you smile. Create I've recently moved my work area in our condo and the walls need a little somethin'... this gives me lots of inspiration, especially the washi tape! The big question is how to pick the quotes?!

Nourish Turns out, we might not be the only ones with cooking skills; our cousins could be on the next Top Chef if we give them the right tools! By the way, in my next life I'm totally going to work at a primate rescue.

Thrive Great example that you can (almost) always find a silver lining. Attitude is everything!

What have you seen today that makes you want to create, nourish or thrive? Share your feels – post a link in the comments! (Or if you need some help in reviving your joie de vivre, set up a discovery session!)