It's week 7 of the spring/summer CSA, and I'm trying a few new recipes + a new veggie this week! These are our half share options, and my plan for what I’m doing with them:

1.5 lbs. of Mixed Summer Squash – I got green + yellow zucchini; going to slice them  and use as the "noodles" and use black beluga lentils + mushrooms instead of meat 2 Slicing Cucumbers – Diced into lunch salads (also bought some lettuce) 4 Pickling Cucumbers – The obvious... making pickles! I think I'm going to try this no-vinegar, fermented recipe. 1 bunch of Carrots or 1 bunch of Beets – Wash and eat with hummus for afternoon snacks 1 quart of Fava Beans or 1 pint of Snow Peas – Never had 'em, gotta try 'em (probably blanched + peeled then added to a mushroom, asparagus quinoa bowl.) *See below for more ideas + info about these "famous" beans 1 bunch of Garlic Scapes or 1 bunch of Basil or Parsley or Dill – On grilled pizza + in the lasagne

CSA Organic Farm Fava Beans

WILL FAVA BEANS BE YOUR NEW FAV? Also known as Broad Beans, these legumes are high in protein and fiber. They're full of folate, iron, manganese, and vitamin A. It's best to get them when they're young/small and fresh. Important: you don't eat the outside, only the beans inside. You shell them before cooking and then add to recipes (there's a debate on whether you need to peel the extra skin off the beans, like chickpeas... majority seems to believe in peeling them) OR you can cook them intact with sea salt and eat them like edamame, popping the beans out in your mouth – I've heard they're very good grilled in their pods.

*7/14 edit: I made them last night. I did do the extra peeling step, and I'm glad I did. They bean inside is a bright beautiful green; the skin on the outside is much thicker than I expected; not thin like on a chickpea. They tasted like a cross between a pea and an edamame. Good, but I don't know if they're worth all the effort unless you have helpers to shell + peel! Maybe next time I won't do the extra step...

Few Fava Dish Ideas: Corn, Fava Bean, Cucumber Salad Pea, Fava Bean, Asparagus Salad (a gorgeous green plate of spring veggies - put on top of quinoa or farro for a meal) Fava Mash (hummus with a twist) Fava Soup

Have you ever had fava beans; do you do the double peel? Share your dishes on Instagram #favafav 

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