find-what-feels-good In April I was part of a Facebook group that was focused on committing to one change or new habit for the entire month. It was a fun way to chat with new people, get inspired by what they were doing and share what I was doing. I committed to focus on yoga. I'd been going to a Yin class sporadically, but I knew I had the four-day Wanderlust Festival coming up in June, and felt like I needed to get back in the "flow." (Hee hee, get it?)

I had a few bookmarks saved of youtube videos, but a couple were 60-90 minutes, which I often don't have, and the others I get bored doing the same ones all the time. But I didn't want to spend time every day looking for a new one. Especially because (if you've ever looked on youtube for yoga videos, you know) each teacher has a different vibe, voice, approach, focus, etc. Some of them, you just instantly know "nope!"...others you think might be okay, so you try them, and realize "she's too monotone!"

You gotta take the role of Goldilocks to find someone you want to follow for 30-60 minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Eventually, I found a "just right" for my April mission. Yoga With Adriene's 30 Days of Yoga. Exactly what I was looking for. No need to hunt every morning and distract myself from the actual task at hand. She'd already planned it each day for me. Boom!

The 30 Day program builds from very foundational to more advanced as the month goes along, and she gives options to modify for gentler or more challenging ways to do most postures. She takes a very light hearted approach to it. Especially good for beginners and/or people that are interested in the physical and meditative aspects of yoga vs. the very spiritual, which I also really like, but that's a topic for another post. She has many other videos as well as a few paid programs if you want to get deeper/more invested. Some are themed like "yoga for complete beginners," "yoga for a bad mood," "travel yoga"... a good range of intensity and length of time.

Adriene is very approachable. I'm sure many people feel this way when they do her videos, but she seems down to earth and like she'd be fun to get a beer with! She is great at explaining the poses without taking it (or herself) too seriously. I love her accidental innuendos, puns and jokes... she cracks herself up and I do the same when I teach Barre.

One more thing I really love about Adriene + her videos is her motto (which is now on tanks that I want)... Find What Feels Good. I freaking love it.

It obviously applies to the yoga practice - find the position that feels good, and don't push yourself further to injury. But for me, it can apply to everything. In your free time: do what you enjoy, not what you think you're supposed to enjoy or what your friends enjoy. In food: what foods make you feel good and nourished? In creativity: what ways does it feel good to express yourself, maybe song or writing or dance or talking. In relationships: don't stay with the dude that's making you feel like crap about yourself! In physical activity: don't go to the the gym if you hate it, find what feels good! It really jives with my approach to my work – helping women love their bodies + lives.

I know it's not as easy as it sounds. It took me years of digging and exploring for me to leave my corporate job for what feels good. It's all a process, and you don't have to figure it out alone. Sign up to get my favorite wellness tips in your inbox... start adding small things that add up to a lot of feeling good! (+ I promise no spammies!)