Week 9, feeling (and lookin') fine! Nature is so amazing. Just when I start getting a bit sick of the veggies from the last few weeks, something new and exciting pops up! Eggplant, what-what! It's one of my favorite veggies. One of my friends makes the most a-mazing eggplant parm, and because she doesn't make it very often, when she does, I really savor every single bite. I would like to try to treat all my meals this way. Really appreciate it, and notice everything I love about each flavor and texture. I haven't mastered it like she has, so I'm not making that...

These are our half share options this week, and what I'm doing with them:

  • 1.5 lbs. of Mixed Summer Squash – zucchini, corn + black bean salad, over lettuce with avo, like a modified taco salad
  • 3 Slicing Cucumbers – slicing + dicing for snacks + wraps
  • 1 quart of Beets or 1 quart of New Potatoes – cutting into quarters, then wrapping in foil with salt/pepper + bit of butter to put on the grill or in oven
  • 1 Eggplant – grilled, then topped with basil + tomatoes + mozz
  • 1 Bunch of Parsley or 1 Bunch of Basil – see above + freeze the rest to use in the winter (last time I didn't use it fast enough and half went bad, womp)


I find that I'm much more likely to use the food we have if I plan ahead. Otherwise when the time comes to make dinner, I stare into the fridge forever, too hungry to think of what to make, which makes me very cranky. Does this happen to you? Let's chat, because I love brainstorming ideas for new dishes my clients can make for their families that aren't too time consuming. Here's my plan for next week:

Sunday: The zucchini, corn + black bean salad (see above) Monday: Grilled eggplant caprese stacks Tuesday: Potatoes + lentil beet burgers  Wednesday: Working late, so leftovers from one of the above Thursday: Homemade shepherd's pie from the freezer (recipe here) Friday: Grilled pizza using whatever veggies we have leftover Saturday: Vacation starts - probably out for dinner

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