Are you bored with zucchini yet? It's been at New England farmer's markets for about a month, and depending on how much you've bought, you might be out of ideas. Or maybe your kids have caught on to you mixing it in with other things for tacos or in salads. I'm starting to get sick grilling it and I've already made lasagne from it, and T$ doesn't seem to love it when I stuff other things into it. So, it's time to get creative. Enter the zoodler spiralizer. It turns zucchini + squash (and apparently carrots, beets, and more) into noodle-shaped veggies so that you can use them like you would pasta. Fun way to get more veggies into your bowl! I have a cheap $5 spiralizer from CVS, but I think it's time to spring for a nicer one because I actually use it a few times a month.

You can modify this (super quick) recipe depending on your family's preferences. You could use grass fed ground beef, ground turkey, lentils, mushrooms, etc. To start off, you could do a mix of half zucchini, half pasta; or use half zucchini, half summer squash, all zucchini...the options are endless. You could also get extra fancy and make your own sauce, but I went for simple this week!

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Zoodles Lentils Zucchini

ZOODLES + LENTIL SAUCE Serves 2 (easily double or triple-able!)

2 zucchinis, washed, with tips cut off 1 cup cooked lentils (I used black beluga lentils, because they don't get as mushy) 1-2 cups spaghetti sauce (depending on how saucy you like it) 2 Tbls grated romano or parmesan, optional, for topping/serving

  1. Spiralize, or use a peeler to make thin strips, the zucchinis, and spread on paper towels to absorb extra moisture for about 15 minutes (I just chopped the extras ends that were too small to spriralize)
  2. Sautée zucchini in olive oil on medium heat, for about 8 minutes until zucchini softens
  3. Mix spaghetti sauce and lentils together in a small pot and heat
  4. Split zucchini equally among two bowls, and top with lentil/sauce mixture, top with cheese if desired
  5. Take a deep breath and appreciate what you’ve just made and are about to enjoy!