Mid summer edition! Three links to things that I hope will inspire you to create, nourish and/or thrive…or just make you smile! Create It definitely feels like the middle of summer in New England – lots of sweaty sticky days, perfect for exotic homemade popsicles! I've never made my own, have you?

Nourish I know many vegetarians will be pumped to see this at the supermarket one day...and the piggies will be happy too :)

Thrive Maybe forward this one to your boss as a suggestion on how to improve office morale. (Actually my wife's office does allow this, so fun!) #7 makes me jealous because I hate going to the dentist.

What have you seen today that makes you feel excited to create, nourish or thrive? I'd love to hear about it in the comments or on Facebook(I also send free inspiration in my semi-monthly updates – sign up so you don't miss the next one!)