I'm on vacation this week, so I'm keeping this short + sweet! These are our half share options, and my plan for what I’m doing with them: 1/2 pint of Cherry Tomatoes – Pop them in my lunch salads with feta, falafel, green peppers, kalamata olives, maybe banana peppers if I'm feeling spicy 6 Pickling Cucumbers or 1.5 lbs. of Summer Squash – I'm a bit sick of cucumbers right now, pickled or not, ha – so back to summer squash this week. Probably going to make veggie pasta + "meat" sauce again, because it was so easy and so good!  2 Green Peppers or 1 Eggplant – Slice one up for T$'s lunch wraps + my salad, and dice the other for a black bean/taco bowl 1 bunch of Carrots or 1 bunch of Red Onions – Snacks for T$ 1 head of Garlic or 1 Shallot – Save for future weeks when I have more time to cook (see below)

CSA Carrots

Most of the CSA veggies are going in lunches, but this is what we're having for dinner - lots going on this week, so I'm planning to use a few things I pre-froze (ie. made a double batch.) If you want ideas tailored specifically for you/your family, let’s chat!

Sunday: Veggie burgers/veggie dogs + corn on the cob Monday: Lentil-beet-burgers + peas or green beans Tuesday: Black bean "taco" bowl  Wednesday: Veggie pasta + 'meat' sauce Thursday: Leftover taco bowls Friday: Out (one of our BFF's is visiting for the weekend, woot!) Saturday: Out again (can't wait to take her to some of our fav places!)