We're at the 3 month mark of the CSA, and I'm still loving it. It's been so fun to see which veggies appear & disappear at different times. Last week when I got my zucchini, I was amazed at how big they are now vs. earlier in the season! (I should have taken a photo... oopsies!) CSA CornSo this is what we're getting this week + my plan of what to do with it: 1/2 lb. of Heirloom Tomatoes or 1 Red Tomato – Not surprisingly, I prefer the rare/weird/novel tomatoes vs the regular red! Think I'm going to do a classic caprese salad because I want to be able to see the prettiness of the tomatoes, so I don't want to chop them up or cook them! 1/2 pint of Cherry Tomatoes – Going to make a pasta salad to have for 1-2 dinners next week. I'll throw together tomatoes, chickpeas, green pepper, cucumber, olive oil, vinegar, spices + pasta, and mix in baby spinach when serving because I don't want it to completely wilt 1.5 lbs. of New Potatoes or 1 bunch of Swiss Chard – I'm getting both (one included in the CSA, and I'll pay for the other separately) so I can make black bean hash to eat for lunch - yum! 1 bunch of Carrots – T$'s snacks for the commute home OR I'll put them in the hash, if she's sick of them! (did you see the sexy carrot legs I got last week?) 1 Green Pepper – Pasta salad 1 Slicing Cucumber – Pasta salad 

I'm also getting fresh corn as long as possible! Corn, tomatoes and strawberries are probably the foods that I notice the biggest difference between store-bought and fresh from the farm. They really taste so much better!

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