This month's links from the interweb that I hope will inspire you to create, nourish and/or thrive…or just make you smile. Create We have a flimsy magnetic wipeoff board on the fridge that I use to plan our dinners for the week (I'm much more likely to actually make something if it's in front of me vs having to remember what I planned.) But this DYI wipeoff board is more exciting/customizable! I'm sure you could get a super cheap frame from Christmas Tree Shop or IKEA and fun scrapbook paper from target (I'd want something with sparkle, or geometric lines) or even using old wrapping paper.

Nourish I want to try grilling watermelon. This recipe makes it seem so simple! My friend has told me about doing a honey/siracha marinade for grilled watermelon that sounds amazing, but haven't tried it yet. Summer is coming to an end, so must do it soon!

Thrive I am a sucker for any nostalgia post/list. But this one isn't just nostalgic for the sake of it, some of these things are be good for us as adults! I know I'm still a kid at heart, and this list reinforces that... I've done #1, #7, #9, #10, #15 this summer! (Just ignore the Fruit Loops promo at the end of list... I'm all about eating the rainbow for breakfast, but ideally without all that added sugar!)

Ps. Speaking of avoiding added sugar... I'm running two Sugar Shakedown Workshops this fall. If you're fighting sugar cravings, check 'em out