I know Labor Day came and went, but it doesn't feel like fall in the Northeast, and I'm thrilled about it. (I really hate being cold!) So I'm pumped that watermelon + tomatoes are still here! CSA WATERMELON

1 Large Watermelon – Half for watermelon-spinach-feta salad; the other half will be split between plain chunks for snacks and trying to make a watermelon-lemon slush 1 lb. of Red Tomatoes – Back to basics! Paired with pasta, avo + basil 2 Colored Peppers or 2 Yellow Onions – Stuffin' them! 1 Acorn Squash – Trying a new recipe (see below) 1 bunch of Kale or 1 bunch of Swiss Chard – Lunches (going to get an extra bunch)

I figure out how I'm going to use my CSA veggies by doing a rough plan of what my dinners/lunches will look like - that way I don't end up getting to the end of the week and realizing I never used the _____. I hate wasting food. (I actually made a cheat sheet of 5 ways to use food longer, so you don't have to throw it away!)

So here's the plan for next week, feel free to steal some for yours!

Saturday: having my mom over – veggie burgers, potatoes + grilled asparagus Sunday: figure it out that night – probably lentil-beet burgers + corn Monday: fresh tomato, basil, spinach, avo + pasta (coaching a client in the afternoon, so dinner needs to be low prep/fast) Tuesday: roasted acorn squash with swiss chard, mushrooms, beans, parmesan Wednesday: stuffed peppers, using the lentil/eggplant mixture I froze last week (taking Roxy to the vet, so again, needs to be easy) Thursday: broccoli + edamame stir fry (both are already in the freezer) Friday: grilled pizza or random leftovers

Lunches: lemon kale salad with feta, pumpkin seeds (yay zinc for an immunity boost), chickpeas, cukes + quinoa

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