This month’s links from the interweb that I hope will inspire you to create, nourish and/or thrive…or just make you smile! Coconut Oil

Create Now that it's Fall, I'm wearing a scarf every. single. day. No, really. I don't leave home without one. And I've also started the summer-winter-clothing-switch-out, which means donating at least a few bags of clothes to Goodwill. This DYI project combines both of these current events. Such a cute way to upcycle a T-shirt into a scarf! All you need are scissors and a glue-gun...which I don't have. But I'm resourceful, so I might attempt to do it anyways!

Nourish So many old wive's tales and superstitions are actually based in truth. From honey to coconut oil, find out how to help get glowing skin with many things you already have in your cabinets (that have actually been researched by science.)

Thrive Loving this 76-year old; what a great attitude! Quick video reminder that it's never too late to start moving your body... you will feel better.

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