Sorry I skipped week 21's summary – I was away on vacation last week, and I didn't bring my laptop so I could be more present on my trip! Don't worry about what happened to all my fresh organic goodies though; one of my coaching clients got to enjoy them instead. CSA organic squash

Now that I'm back in my own kitchen, here's what I'm doing with our veggies next week:

  • 1 pint Brussels sprouts OR 1 crown Broccoli – Roast + pair with homemade lentil patties (If you read the last CSA post, you know I don't like them, but T$ does... and they're so good for her us. I'm willing to try them once a year to see if my tastebuds change their minds)
  • 1.5 lbs Sweet Potato OR 1 head Cabbage – Roasting to serve with spicy black beans + avo
  • 1 quart Potatoes OR 1 Red Kabocha Squash – Slice, roast + mix with the delicata for a pretty medley to have on the side of the chickpea/chard/tomato/rice I froze a month ago
  • 1 Delicata Squash – See above ;)
  • 1 bunch Kale OR 1 bunch Arugula – Going to attempt an aduki bean dish with lacinato kale, rice, frozen grilled peppers/onions, ginger + tumeric (stay tuned... it could be amazing or it could be gross!)

Have your tastebuds changed their minds about any foods lately? Let me know on FB or IG - I love hearing everyone's experiences! Up until a few years ago, I hated cauliflower, but then I tried preparing it a few different ways, and it turns out I like it roasted, but not steamed or raw!

Do you buy fresh veggies with the best intentions, and then end up throwing them away because they go bad too quickly? Grab my 5 easy ways to keep food longer so it stays in the kitchen + out of the trash... saving your food = saving your money!