This month’s links from the interweb that I hope will inspire you to create, nourish and/or thrive…or just make you smile! Create Nourish Thrive

Create I often talk to my clients about how much bacteria we have in our guts... but what these students did with bacteria (not sure what kind) is so weird-neat that I had to share! Nope, I'm not suggesting you try this at home, just appreciate the creativity! And, this is my favorite one. (Anyone else a Whovian?!)

Create Nourish Thrive

Nourish If you're trying to avoid unnecessary antibiotics (I think we all should, actually), consider this next time you're hungry on the road!

Thrive I'm trying to be more mindful when I'm clothes shopping lately (especially after donating 4 bags!), but this article is inspiring...maybe after I get hiking boots and possibly a new winter coat, I'll go on a shopping freeze, at least until 2016?

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