It's the second to last week of our CSA and we got a new veggie: sunchokes AKA Jerusalem artichokes. I've seen them at the grocery store, but they're generally not intriguing enough for me to buy (#candidcoach). They look like a cross between ginger and a potato – small and nobby. I'm glad they're in our CSA because it gave me the push to try them! They're a tuber from a plant related to the sunflower and are often used in ways similar to potatoes. Caveat is that they get mushy when boiled, so it's better to steam them if you're going to mash, or you can roast them. Some people say you can eat them raw, but there's some controversy to that...

In looking into how to cook them, I discovered that they have a reputation, especially in England for some reason. They're sometimes called "fartichokes"... Some people can eat them just fine, but other people have issues, the same way some people are fine with lactose and others aren't. My brief research indicates that if you peel them and cook them well, and don't eat a whole bowl full at one time, there's less chance of problems, so that's exactly what I'm going to do! sunchokes organic CSA farmshare

I'm making a huge batch of soup with most of the veggies, including the sunchokes. It's been cold the last few days, so I'm in full-on cozy mode. I also know I'm going to be eating more sugar than normal in the next two weeks, so knowing that I'm getting my greens + veggies every day helps to keep my immune system strong.

  • 1 bunch Spinach OR 1 bunch Mustard Greens – I'm going to use both the spinach & kale in the soup. Did you know that spinach has lots of iron, and the vitamin C in the kale helps you absorb it better?
  • 1 bag Braising Mix OR 1 bunch Kale – soup
  • 1 bunch Carrots OR 1.5 lbs Parsnips – I've never had these either (more info on them next week); I'm going to put them in the soup
  • 1 pint Sunchokes OR 1.5 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes – soup because I'm slightly afraid to have them on their own
  • 1 bunch Hakurei Turnips OR 1.5 lbs Macomber turnips – soup
  • 1.5 lbs Yellow Onions OR 1.5 lbs Sweet Potatoes – sweet potato + black lentil tacos
  • 1.5 lbs Beets OR 1 Butternut Squash – pseudo mac n' cheese