It's freaking freezing in New England right now, so I'm hearing lots of questions about exercising at home, inside. Of course there are outside options if you dress in 300 layers, which I'll include in a future post or Note (if you missed the last one, sign up here), but for today, let's chat about fun ways to workout without leaving your house, shall we? Enter the internet. (And cable.)

Depending on your cable plan, you can find dozens of free videos in various genres – cardio, yoga, zumba, strength training, etc. Some are cheesey, but if you're willing to laugh while you're working out, it's definitely worth it for price (free) and convenience.

What I like even more are free online videos. There are even more options (like thousands!) So to save you some time, here's three of my favs...


Dance to Beyoncé I've loved to dance since I was very little, so to me, dancing doesn't feel like "exercise." If you only have 5-10 minutes, do a quick warm up, and then dance along with the full routine once or twice. 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes. OR you can do the instructional videos where he goes step by step and you'll be dancing in your living room for 30 minutes before you know it!

Yoga for Regular People If you think you hate yoga, or you're not flexible enough for yoga, or you can't stay quiet, etc, consider giving Yoga With Adriene a try. She's just a normal (quirky) person, that happens to teach yoga very well. She reminds me of how I am when I teach barre — she laughs at herself, she doesn't take it too seriously, but still gives a great flow. There's a great range of short to long and different levels. If you want to start at beginner,  try day 1 of the "yoga camp" (a 30-day program she's run this month) but she has many other unrelated videos to choose from.

Lots of options in one place. Popsugar has tons of free videos, but right now they have a month-long workout plan specifically designed to do at home, where (in theory) each day you do a specific video. Instead, I like it as a "choose your own adventure" and just click on whichever one sounds fun to you that day. They range from yoga to abs focused to full body HIIT, and they show you before you click, how long each video is.

Please share with me on FB if you have a favorite home workouts – I love trying new ones!