I've dabbled with veggie noodles (I love to call the zucchini version "zoodles"), because it's a fun way to get more veggies into a meal.

Spiraled veggies = way prettier + more nutritious vs regular pasta (double win!)

To create my spiraled veggies, I have a $5 cheapie from CVS that is challenging to avoid slicing my knuckles, but it's a good practice in mindfulness and patience. Many of my friends have this one, and I feel like it's only a matter of time before I upgrade.

But in the meantime, something amazing happened when we were at Whole Foods last weekend... they are keeping up with the trend, and they have pre-spiraled veggies!! They looked so pretty in the case - shades of orange, green and deep red - silly me didn't take a photo! 

I bought the beets, and they weren't much more expensive than a bunch of beets, plus none of the hassle of splattering red beet juice as I struggle to spiral without hurting myself! 

The selection at the store reminded me to use these veggie noodles more often. So here's some inspiration, whether you make them at home, or find them pre-spiraled!