Usually this time of year (in the northern hemisphere), we start getting bombarded with ads for doing a "cleanse"... that's not my style. For the majority of people, it's really not necessary. 

Your body is pretty awesome – in the literal meaning of the word. I could probably spend hours listing the ways, but specifically I mean in the way it naturally, normally detoxifies itself. Your lungs, liver, kidney, intestines + a few other systems do an amazing job on their own. Those organs and systems process all of your food and drinks, the air you breathe and everything your skin is exposed to. When it's working well, your body keeps what's useful and gets rid of what we don't need. 

Unfortunately, yes, sometimes we overload our bodies with toxins from our food, our environment, stress + not enough sleep... and then our bodies need extra help. But I don't think you need to completely stop eating and live off of juice for the next week.

For most people, I think juice cleanses are unnecessary. I prefer a more realistic approach (duh) that doesn't lead to post-cleanse-binging.

If you're feeling the urge to do a 'cleanse' because you're sluggish and bloated or you're just feeling really "off", try cutting down on the usual culprits (sugar, meat, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten) for a few weeks. Focus on eating more fiber and veggies (those dark leafy's are natural detoxifiers) and drink more actual water. 

You don't need to be starving or spending your life on the potty to do a spring refresh!

This doesn't have to mean salads all day, every day, either! To get you inspired, I created a new Pinboard and you can try a veggie noodle dish from last week's post.

Being deliberate about cutting back on the extras will give your system a bit of a break and allow it to catch up. It also opens your mind and palate to new flavor and texture combos when you're not resorting to the same ol' thing.

Refreshing what's on your plate can help refresh how body is working and how you're feeling. 

If this sounds good in theory, but you want more detailed support to get started, I can help via an email coaching session!