Sometimes despite doing All The Things, I land in a phase of bad insomnia and/or anxiety. Yes, sometimes, even when I've been moving my body, eating nutrient dense foods, cutting out caffeine completely and cutting down my sugar (yes, it's possible), meditating nightly, using essential oils and seeing a therapist. 

Those are the things that make a HUGE difference in keeping me feeling good in mind, body and spirit. But for the last few weeks I haven't been sleeping much. I'm talking hearing-the-birds-before-I-fall-asleep level.  

These phases have come and gone since I was a teenager and fortunately it's usually very well-managed by the previously mentioned self-care. Unfortunately, I occasionally hit a bump like this.

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This one lasted long enough that I sought extra help... my acupuncturist. 

I had an acupuncture treatment and got herbs (they're in pill form because it's the easiest delivery method for me). But it's not like Western medicine where you pop a pill and you're instantly better until you stop, and then you feel crappy again. 

With Traditional Chinese Medicine, it's cumulative, and works with your body to get it back in balance. This means it didn't help instantly. It took a few days, and I won't have to be on these herbs forever — probably just a few weeks. It's like an extra boost for everything I'm already doing. 

I'm sharing this with you for a few reasons: 

  1. To be more open about the mental health stuff that comes up sometimes... Gotta break the stigma! 

  2. To remind you that I'm human too. Just because I'm a health + lifestyle coach doesn't mean I'm immune. We ALL need support, and it's nothing to feel shame about! It's part of the human experience — leaning on our people. You have access to a worldwide (thanks to the interwebs) community of support: friends, doctors, coaches, healers... whatever you need. 

  3. To tell you that I'm a big believer in acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Medicine. I often suggest it to my friends/family. (Full disclosure: I work part time for my acupuncturist,* but I make no $$ from referrals — I just really believe in it!) 

It's important to go for it when you need a little extra help. We have to listen to the signals our bodies and minds tell us, and then get the support we need; we're not meant to do it alone. 

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*My two favorites are Eastern Therapeutics and A to Zen Wellness


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