Every summer weekend is an opportunity to get friends and family together; to eat, drink, play and laugh together, especially the three-day-weekends! Usually the "eating" part of this centers around the grill — if you eat meat that means hamburgers, steak, hot dogs, chicken and more. But if you don't eat meat, and/or you want to be sensitive to your guests that fall in that category, here's a handful of vegetarian friendly grill recipes that all guests can enjoy! 

  1. Tofu kabobs with cilantro lime quinoa
  2. Miso grilled eggplant – I've done something similar in the oven, but now I want to try it on the grill!  
  3. Chipotle lime grilled cauliflower 
  4. On my list to make this summer (I've had something like it at a restarant but haven't recreated at home yet): carrot dogs
  5. This grilled tofu looks so delicious! 
  6. Simple + tasty grilled portobello mushroom burgers 
  7. Eggplant is still one of my fav veggies, so eggplant hummus burgers sound right up my alley! 

And of course if you don't want to make from scratch, there's pre-made veggie burgers, veggie dogs too — just try for the ones with the least ingredients. 

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