The week after a long weekend is often a bit of a let down, but there are a couple of things about holiday weekends that you can bring into your 'regular' life. Give yourself permission to use your independence (see what I did there?) for good — make a positive tweak to your weekday routine.

Toss restriction.

Unless you're testing ingredients for possible sensitivities, (or if you already know you're sensitive to them), there's no need to restrict yourself on a daily basis. Part of the fun of a holiday weekend is the laissez-faire attitude — yes, you'll have a cupcake - it's July 4th! Obviously you don't want to take this cake attitude to an extreme, but getting rid of the rules and restrictions make regular days feel a bit more relaxed. 

Get outside. 

Yes, you might have to work inside all day, but you're allowed to take a break! Walk a few laps around the building with a coworker friend at lunchtime, or go to the beach for the sunset after work. It does a body (and mind) good! You don't have to keep all of the nature time to two days a week — especially in the summer!

Focus on fun.  

Part of what makes holiday weekends a blast is that we're so busy swimming with our kids, chatting to our friends, or cooking with our families, that we don't have time to be on social media (where the comparison trap happens). We're fully in the present moment enjoying the company, atmosphere and food, appreciating what we have. You don't have to wait for a holiday to bring this into your life... host a midweek dinner party (it doesn't have to be fancy!), take the kids to putt-putt on a Tuesday night. Again, this doesn't have to be every day or even every week, but invite some fun + connection into your weekday life. Break up the work/eat/sleep monotony. 

You get to decide how to live your life. You aren't living this life for anyone else — it's YOURS. You don't have to follow what your routines were as a kid, or even last year. You get to decide what works for you.

If you're struggling to get rid of the 'shoulds,' it's time to reach out. I can help through my 1:1 coaching program.

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