I eat a lot of salads for lunch in the summer. They're easy to bring to work (or beach), and they're cooling in 90° weather. But having a simple lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad doesn't usually keep me full very long. So here's 5 satisfying salads that fit in perfectly for a summer lunch or light dinner: 

  1. Quinoa mango black bean salad with smoky pepitas (lots of punch in this one!) 
  2. Nectarine salad with lime vinaigrette 
  3. Grilled corn salad bowl Corn. Need I say more? This one is slightly less travel-able, but also includes my favorite kind of lentils (beluga)
  4. Roasted chickpea salad with vegan ranch I cannot wait to make & try this dressing! You could also swap the romaine for kale, or do half and half. 
  5. Strawberry spinach salad Classic summer salad with cashews for extra protein & crunch

Tell me what you think when know you try them!