We've been told for yeeeears that we "should" go to the gym. But as much as I've tried, I flat out hate the gym. Every few years I convince myself that it will be different this time. But so far, not so much. My main motivation for joining the last few times was to use the treadmill so I could keep up with running over the winter, but I hated the gym so much that I rarely went, so I wasted the money, which caused guilt, and I didn't keep up with running. 

Yes, you need to move your body (ideally) every day, in some way. It's not just good for keeping you strong and energized, but also for your emotional health (yay for brain chemicals!) But "they" don't get to decide how you move. 

I'm here to remind you that you're not in gym class anymore - no one can force you to run the mile or do pull ups! If you enjoy those things, please do them. And if you haven't figured out what you enjoy, keep trying! 

Here are 3 non-gym ideas!

Group fitness classes
I love group classes because there's so much variety, and signing up ahead of time holds me accountable to showing up (don't want to lose my credits) Some of my fav's: barre, Pound or any kind of yoga. Other fun options are dance classes, Zumba, Pilates, and spin. 

Nature-related activities
Walking, running, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, standup paddle boarding, canoeing, skiing or snowshoeing

Some people like traditional sports, (I'm just not one of them.) Grab a friend or join an adult rec group! Basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, lacrosse or hockey.

Just like with food, you don't have to force yourself into something just because you "should" – experiment and find something that works for YOU!