Do you hide as soon as "bathing suit season" hits? I'm not always thrilled to wear a bathing suit in public. But I'm much better at it now, and it's not because I lost weight (I didn't). 

Most of my life (pretty much since I was aware that I didn't have a "skinny" body), bathing suits had been torturous. I tried to avoid the pool parties and the beach. And if it wasn't avoidable, I'd stay covered up, swimming in a t-shirt.

Eventually my mindset (and then actions) shifted. Why?

Because I got sick of sweating under a t-shirt and shorts when I was at the beach. (And they didn't make breathable SPF clothing back then.)

Because I felt more self-conscious not wearing a bathing suit from people nagging me, 'why don't you take your shirt off, why won't you come swimming, etc'.* 

Because I stopped caring so much about what "they" thought of me and my body. (Also. The reality is that there's sadly almost no woman 100% confident in every part of her physical body — we're all struggling through this together on some level.)

Because I'm often around my friends/families' young girls, and they're perceptive. I don't want them to grow up feeling the same way, so I don't want to encourage or model that behavior.  

Because I started to question. Why should only the "perfect" bodies get to enjoy suntans and cool breezes? And why do "they" get to decide what the perfect bodies are, anyway? F them!

Because by hiding myself in shame, I'm perpetuating those ridiculous beauty standards that our media/society at large has agreed upon. 

Because I began to realize that even if I'm bumpy (cellulite) and am curvy (tummy rolls included), I don't deserve this shame.

I deserve to enjoy my summer with fun in the sun like everyone else. 

And so do you. 

I know you can love yourself and feel energized + vibrant, regardless of what you weigh

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