How quickly did you eat breakfast today? Or if you skipped breakfast, think about dinner. Do you even remember what you had? 

I started eating my oatmeal this morning, glanced down and realized that half was gone very quickly. I didn't even really remember tasting it, other than the first bite. I put my spoon down and reset my intentions for my breakfast. To eat more mindfully. And actually CHEW my food. 

Comprehensive chewing is the cheapest thing you can do to help your digestion (& one of the easiest). 

The purpose of chewing isn't to just bite the food into swallowable-sized pieces; it initiates the entire digestion process. Our saliva carries multiple kinds of enzymes to start breaking down the food on a chemical level. And thorough chewing is like an alert that food is — it sends signals to the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid to help break down protein. 

Our stomachs can do a better job of processing our food, which means it flows through the rest of the digestive system easier. 

Chewing until your food is very mushy takes some time, I'll admit. But that's another benefit — it means we eat slower. The slower pace + getting the enzymes and acids charged up, means we get less gas, less heartburn, less tummy troubles. All from thorough chewing!

Eating this way leads to being more mindful as we eat. We can notice and enjoy the textures, the flavors in each bite. We can tell if we're full mid-meal, because there's time to notice; instead of inhaling it all and then feeling way too full after the fact. 

No, I don't chew every bite 20 times — I'm a realist, remember? But doing it as an experiment once in a while DOES reset me. It reminds me how much fully chewing can make a difference in how I feel, so I can be eat mindfully and slower on a regular basis. 

Chew your next meal FULLY. 30-50 times per bite!! The goal is to get it to turn to TOTAL MUSH in your mouth. After a day of eating this way, see how your belly feels, see how your mind feels. Don't judge - just observe. It's an experiment. 

Email me with questions and observations — I can't wait to hear how it goes for you! 

*Personal tidbit: I often like to think of bodily processes like this as the Doozers from Fraggle Rock. They're all working together to make things happen. So the mouth Doozers yell down once we chew long enough to the stomach Doozers, and they get their digestion tools ready to go!