For heart centered business owners who know the importance of listening to their intuition, believe in the power of mindset work and want to create a unique connection with their clients:


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You’ve been using cards for years, as a tool to find solace, inspiration or guidance. But you'd never considered that you could create your own. That you could bring your own wisdom into your clients’ homes.

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while. You have a list of ideas and words written in your journal. You crave a way to share them, but you're too overwhelmed with the “how" to take action.

Regardless of when this dream began, I'll help it come true. 

custom designed affirmation cards for group workshops


Yes, there are many decks already out there, but the world doesn't have yours – yet! You recommend other decks to your clients, but you know exactly what they need to hear, and wish it could be your words instead. (Pssst... they can!) These cards will incorporate your vibe, your essence. Your unique perspective, infused with your life's experiences and values, these cards will help people connect with you and themselves.


Do you want your cards to be used by your dream clients in their own sacred space, or do you imagine using them in group workshops? Whether it's reinforcing the 1:1 work you do, affirmations, journal prompts, memos from the universe, mantras or something else, the possibilities are literally endless. Simply tell me your vision. If you want help tailoring it or strategizing, I’m happy to help with that too!

custom designed affirmation cards for group workshops

PASSIVE income  

Include your deck of cards as part of a bigger package, sell them on their own, or send them to your very favorite people as bonus gifts! You get to charge what feels right for you. An extension of you & your brand, these cards offer your clients something tangible at an approachable investment for them, and passive income for you.

custom card deck design client
"Working with Chantelle was a breeze! I loved how she took my feedback and ran with it, and didn't get annoyed with the tiny changes needed along the way. She takes your vision & your tweaks and makes it come to life! I get feedback every day about how beautiful my cards are, and I wouldn't have been able to make them so pretty without her! I'm proud to have these babies finally out there in the world :) The response has been fabulous!"
– Rachel Kaczynski,

What do you need to tell your dream clients? What can you not hold in any longer? What magic is bubbling inside you, ready to burst into the world? Use the cards to spread your message wider, reaching more people, to help them heal, grow and transform.

Connect, in a tangible way, by giving clients something can hold close to their hearts.

custom designed affirmation cards


  • A clarity kickoff call to turn your ideas into a clear path to bringing your dream to reality
  • Size, look, and feel of the cards aligned with your heart
  • Custom designed box to match the cards so that your clients swoon at first glance
  • Option to order the quantity you need upfront & keep your own inventory – you control when/where/how your clients receive your cards (and can change their price at any time!)
  • Option to print-on-demand so you can invest at a rate that feels good to you without overhead
  • Hi-resolution files created and uploaded for you so that your vision comes to life without tech-stress 

Design starts at $795

Note: Printing/shipping fees not included

I'll give you options and make sure that you wholeheartedly love them before I hit "print," so have no fear. I can't wait to hear about your vision and how these cards will transform your clients' lives. 

Have questions? Ready to create your cards?