Happy Winter Solstice! In the northern hemisphere we have the shortest day, which means that starting tomorrow, we'll start getting a little bit more sunlight. Today is the pause before the light returns. Like the space between the inhale & exhale. And we can use that as inspiration in our biz (and life).

A Winter Solstice Tradition for Small Business Owners

As we build our businesses it’s easy to feel like we need to keep pushing — to keep working harder or longer. It’s easy to get caught up in feeling like we can’t ever take a break. But it’s not true 7 days a week for 52 weeks a year — no matter what your business is.

Businesses have seasons (just like in life). 

Sometimes there’s a lot of hustle required, and sometimes there’s room for a slower pace.

Even if you’re in a ‘hustle’ season, I invite you to take a few minutes today (if not more) to pause.

Start by closing your eyes and take a few deep breaths so you can hear your own thoughts for a few minutes.

Reflect on the last 6 months — how have you felt in your business? Think about the people you’ve helped! Write down the ‘wins’ you’ve had (they don’t necessarily need to be financial) and the lessons you’ve learned. If there were challenging elements, start to find acceptance.

Feel gratitude for where you are right now in the context of your journey.

And then maybe start to ponder what you hope for in the next six months. Not what “they” expect, or what you “should” do, but what *you* actually want.   

The external world is bombarding us with messages of trying to be better, greater, more. I get it. It’s hard not to feel the urge to keep up, to keep striving and pushing every day. I feel it too. But just for today, take a pause and go inward and hear your own voice without the influence of others.