A few weeks ago a client reminded me of part of the book Big Magic where she explains that you’re depriving the world when you don’t share your gifts & brilliance.

Keeping the things that light you up a secret and hiding your talents doesn’t serve anyone. It doesn’t serve you because you’re left holding this thing inside. And that’ll gnaw at you. And it doesn’t serve the rest of the world because we don’t get to learn/be inspired by it/impacted by it.

It’s lose lose.

So many of us wait years before starting our businesses because we don’t feel what we’re sharing is “unique” enough to “bother”.

Hogwash. Bologna. Bullshit.

Even if the general concept of your service or product has been done a bajillion times before, it’s never been done by YOU. And you bring your own spin. Your own flavor.

Pep talk to grow your business without 

Think of ice cream. How many brands make a vanilla!? But you have a favorite, right?

Same applies for your business! You’re pulled to certain yoga classes with certain instructors more than others. 

And some people are going to want allllll of the things from you, even if they *could* get them from someone else. Because of YOU. Your special mix of experiences, perspective, personality and more.

Think how bummed you’d be if your favorite hair stylist never started their work. You’d be missing out on amazing hair just the way you like it. 

Now think of your future clients — they’re going to think the same about the impact you make. They won't be able to imagine life without it!

Why rob them of that? 

Pep TalkChantelle Davis-Gray