I experienced something new & unexpected recently. I had recorded an episode for Amy Demone's new pod ("Virtually Free") a few months ago... long enough ago that I honestly didn't really remember what I'd said. I knew we'd talked about my journey and my thoughts on “should’s” in business, but didn't remember the details of where the conversation went - just that it was fun to chat with her.

Blocking the should's on the Virtually Free podcast

Last week she sent me the link to the live episode AND she did something extra cool — she has a transcript of the episode! (Awesome for accessibility and for personal preferences.) I read through it, instead of listening to it, for a change.

And 💥 I shared some real "nuggets of wisdom" in that conversation!

It was sort of an out of body experience to feel that way about my own words. Maybe it’s because I was reading it, instead of hearing my own voice, so I was more detached from whose words they were... but I was like "yes! you're damn right!" in response to some of my answers.

(I realize how obnoxious this may sound, but stay with me...)

I'm sharing this experience as a reminder that sometimes in the moment, we're insecure or overly modest about our expertise and experience, but with some space and new perspective, we see that we're further along than we thought. And our work IS worth sharing! 

After you listen to or read the episode, start sharing your experience & learnings too — even if you don't feel quite ready!

"Most of us are doing this work because we want the freedom and want the control to be able to run our businesses the way that’s going to make us happy and make us feel excited about it. If we build our businesses from the ground up, doing things that we resent or dread, then it’s the opposite. " — me!