I'm popping in during this first full week of fall in the northern hemisphere (which, by the way, I took a bit too literally this weekend – fell twice on our Saturday hike!) to share:


business hacks and resources
  1. If you’re just starting your business and don’t have a budget to create even a simple website yet, consider creating a landing page + email account so you have a place to collect email addresses in the meantime. Then you can alert people when you have new services and/or a full website. Mailchimp is free up to 2k subscribers, and has capability for landing pages. And when you’re ready, you can create a full site on Squarespace and integrate your Mailchimp opt in — easy peasy.

  2. When you’re having trouble focusing, put on some music, set a timer for 30 minutes, and pick one thing to start on. If you get into a groove, you don’t have to stop when the timer goes off. And if not, at least you’ve made 30 minutes worth of progress on it. (I legitimately used this technique this morning!)


  1. Legal Templates*
    I’ve mentioned Lisa Fraley before because she is my go-to for legal templates. She has a self-paced course that includes templates & video lessons for client contracts, website disclaimer, terms AND privacy policy – perfect if you’re looking to get all of the above for a great price instead of buying them one-at-a-time.

  2. Business-Owner-Groups
    If you’re in/near Massachusetts, two groups that I’ve been part of for a few years that have connected me with some amazing people (and helped grow my business):

    Boston Business Women* — a huge facebook group filled with women ready to give & receive recommendations and support (there’s also a smaller members-only group & in-person events)

    SheBreathes Balance — this is a gorgeous space with a variety of events and classes for the woo or not-so-woo — yoga, book club, tarot, parenting, self defense — and there’s a collaborative of business-owners that meet once a month (that’s my favorite!)  

*PS. I am an affiliate because I've personally participated in their programs & fully believe in them — I may receive compensation if you sign up through these links.