Today I'm sharing practical wisdom for how you can convert readers into clients. Whether you have a website or you're creating a flyer, it's important to have a "call to action." 

What's a "call to action"?

It's the way you lead your site visitors to take action — hence the phrase "call to action" (often abbreviated as "CTA"). On your website, it's the buttons & links. On a flyer, it's usually a line somewhere that says something like "call 123 to register."

Convert your visitors with impactful calls to action

Sounds obvious, but you'd be amazed by how many people forget or overlook them! 

If your reader gets to the bottom of the page, they're with you. You've kept their attention and interest long enough to get to the end. So don't leave them hanging like a one-sided high-five! Give them the next step. 

Without a call to action, the reader may feel lost or not know what to do next. Part of having a good website is being a leader and having the confidence to show the visitor where she should go. Without guiding her, she may aimlessly roam in your navigation or worse, leave. (Similarly, when someone picks up your flyer, you want the next step to be crystal clear.)

So, how do you create a strong call to action? 

  1. Write it in your brand's voice.
    An example from my website is “schedule time to chat” because that's how I speak in real life — I'm pretty casual. But your brand may be more formal, and something like "contact us to schedule an appointment" may be more appropriate. It needs to sound like your brand — not anyone else's.

  2. Make it clear & directive.
    The phrase can be heart-filled without being vague, so be explicit about what action you want them to take, and lead with verbs! It should sound like you, but don't write in jargon or be so cutesie that the meaning is lost. They also shouldn't need a dictionary to figure it out!

  3. Make it visible.
    Choose the visual that fits — sometimes a text link makes sense on your website. Other times it needs to be bolder & stronger with a button. Usually I like to be consistent throughout the site. Same scenario for printed materials — make sure the call to action stands out (in a way that's on-brand — you don't necessarily need it to be a big red sunburst!)

What should you do now? 

If you have a site, review all your pages — especially your home, about & services pages. As a visitor, is it clear what to do when you get to the bottom of the page or end of a section? If not, add a CTA! 

If you’re in the creation mode of your website or flyer, jot down a few ideas of what your CTA’s could say, right now, while you're thinking of it. And if you’re stuck, email me and I’ll get you jumpstarted!