I hope 2018 is treating you kindly so far! In case you missed it, my furbaby had surgery (she’s recovering well) and Facebook announced some “big changes” for FB pages.

The small business world had a brief moment of collective panic, and then realized that this isn’t dramatically different than where we’ve been lately… Zuckerberg has just taken it a step further. I’m not going to get too deep here (my friend Susan Finn has a good summary + suggestions) but it boils down to people being sick of seeing a lot of “stuff” in their feeds and wanting to connect with real people again (don’t we all?)

Don't delete your Facebook business page

For FB business pages, this means a couple things:

  • While you may have had some organic (ie. free) exposure to your business page on Facebook in the past, now you’ll most likely need to pay for that exposure, unless it is very conversation-producing. 

  • You may want to play with posting from your business page and then sharing it to your personal. I won’t do it for every post because that feels excessive, but I’m going to experiment with it.

  • Facebook groups continue to be a good place to find collaboration & referral opportunities, potential clients and maybe a biz-bestie!

Ultimately, it’s a big reminder that putting all of your business eggs in the Facebook (or Instagram, or Pinterest) basket is risky. 

Because you don’t control them. We play by their rules. Might be time to consider getting your clients' email addresses, so you can send them a note when you’ve got something you reeeeeally don’t want missed. When you have big news to share, a new service, research you know will help their lives, an out of this world recipe, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll see it in their FB feed.

Does your website have a place where people can sign up to join your email list? (AKA an “opt in form”)

Having a list doesn’t mean you have to commit to sending x times a month — but it gives you some flexibility, some options — where you get to make the rules!

If you have no idea how to add this to your website, let me know — I can help!