Navigating the seasons of your business

In the northeast it’s freaking nasty outside, and I know there’s very snowy weather in the midwest. It’s discouraging. The cold makes it reeeeally hard to get out of bed at a reasonable hour. Most of us are saying “where the F is spring!?” (Bravo, if you’re not, but there’s still some good stuff in this note for you.)

As I lay in bed this morning, listening to the pounding rain/sleet, I wrote down some gratitudes to try to turn my mood around. One was feeling grateful to not have to leave the house today (unlike the Boston Marathon runners — eeks). And I realized that the non-spring we're having in the northeast, midwest and elsewhere, is a metaphor for running a business. And it inspired a pep talk that I want to share with you.

There were some amazing high points in February. 

It felt like spring was arriving a month or two early, and I was so freaking grateful. Everyone’s spring cleaning and spring shopping vibes kicked in, and we were smile-ier (well, not the snow bunnies, but everyone else). Just like when you first launch your business, you’re excited, and you feel like you’ve made it over the hump. You think now it’s going to be sunshine & rainbows from here on out. You’re sharing your website with people and you’re contacting studios for workshops you want to run.

Then March hit us with multiple Nor’easters. 

We lost power for days. Mother Nature was pissed. And we were too. The novelty wears off on your new business, and you realize that even though it’s the work you’re meant to be doing, it’s still work. And some days you need to do hard things, uncomfortable things to get you through it. You have to face your fear of failure and success. You start wondering why the heck you’re doing this. (This one applies to both — living here and running your business).

And April, so far, has been a mix.

With more wet coldness than warmth, there’s been spots of sunshine in between, to give us hope. Nights where it’s nice enough to take a leisurely walk with your dog, without coats, for both of you. The buds on the trees start to pop. The birds are building their nests. The comments on your post that say “yesss! I’ve been feeling this way too!” or “omg, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” The Universe winks with encouragement. You’re reminded of what brought you to this work in the first place. Your “why” pops to the front of your mind.

We all trust that spring will eventually arrive. Or if not, at least summer will. We know that, finally, we’ll have hot days dripping with sunscreen and sand covered-everything from the beach. And the same for your business. Trust that if you keep showing up, if you keep sharing yourself and your work with the world, you’ll see results. Classes will fill, you’ll connect with clients ready for transformation, and you’ll celebrate your wins — no matter how big or small.

And then fall will come... it's the cycle of the seasons. Yes, I realize there is an alternative— but the plane ride to visit from Hawaii is so long ;) And not chasing your dreams is worse than going through the “winters” of your business!