Has your vacation ever inspired you to examine your business? Mine has. 

This weekend, my love & I stayed in a tiny house in New Hampshire. We’re slightly obsessed with tiny houses, and Getaway has a batch of them on many acres of woods — it’s a cross between a tiny house hotel & airbnb. We’d been following the company on Instagram for a year or more, and finally booked it to celebrate our anniversary. And it was wonderful, and I’ll probably be talking about it for a few weeks (sorry not sorry).

Growing your business through delighting your clients

In telling my friends about it, I realized that there’s lots to be learned from how they do their thing as a brand! 


The emails they send leading up to your stay have a secret-club vibe so you feel like you’re escaping to somewhere magical and mysterious (in an enchanting way). And when you arrive, they have perfect-for-their-target-client touches like s’mores ingredients and a lock-box for your phone. // I realized I’ve slacked in this area a bit and want to do better. I’ve received surprise packages in the mail from my business coaches and it made me squeal with delight.
What ways can you let your clients know that you see and understand them?


What they post on Instagram is exactly how it feels when you walk in the real tiny house. There was a remote woodsy view, campfire kits, usb-chargeable lanterns in their brand color (red) + more charming details. // Think of all of the places you communicate with your clients before they hire you — social media, your website, business cards, brochures, yourself in person — are they getting the same vibe and energy after they hire you?
Consistency & authenticity is vital for your long term success!


You get the feeling that they’ve thought of everything. You get a before-you-arrive guide that answers all of the questions they know you’re thinking — like will there be water & electricity, how does the toilet work, what about bears or what if I run out of food? All answered so there were no anxieties the night before. // I review the design process in my strategy session, and then in my agreement, expectations are laid out from timeline to communication methods to refund policy to who owns the final design files — there’s nothing left to worry about.
How can you assure your clients that you’ve really got their back, that they’ll be taken care of while working with you?


Think of the last person or company you worked with that blew you away. What are the qualities that made such an impression on you? Are there elements you can incorporate into your own business?