"Liking yourself a rebellious act" – Caroline Caldwell

That's easier said than done sometimes, right? But oh-so important. And I've found that running my own business has helped with this, actually. (And I'm sure it can help you, too!) 

In order to serve my clients well, and share my services with the community-at-large, I've had to get crystal clear on my skills, my talents, my strengths. I couldn't tell you all about what I offer, if I'm not clear on it, myself! Likewise, through self-development-work & with the help of some amazing coaches, I've identified and fully owned what makes me different from other designers!

How Finding Your Special Sauce Improves Your Confidence and Your Business

Have you ever literally written down what your special sauce is? Try it... like, right now.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath... and brainstorm a quick list (it could be on your phone, computer or piece of paper):  

  • what's your superpower?

  • what are people always commenting, "you're so amazing at ______"

  • what's a quality that is so intrinsically just who you are (it may be something you take for granted, but if you pause, you realize not everyone does/has this)? 

  • what are you the absolute best at? (trust me, there is something)

  • what gets you into the flow, where you lose track of time? 

Jot down at least 4 things. Then take another deep breath and give yourself a high-five! I know it's not easy to do this kind of self reflection, but it's super helpful in growing your business AND your confidence!

Now... next to each quality, add how you use that magic in your business! 

Here are a couple of mine so you get the idea: 

  • analytical AND creative — I care about calls-to-action AND how great your website looks 

  • compassionate — I've got a big heart and love to support my clients

  • planner at my core — I reduce my clients' overwhelm by project managing for them

Special sauce. Superpowers. List of amazingness. Whatever you want to call it, keep your list handy!

It can help when you're writing your website copy (hello, about page). When you're crafting your service offerings — do they incorporate your magic? And this list is valuable when you need a dose of confidence as you head out to a networking meeting.