A few weeks ago I met a client at a beautiful place where she teaches meditation & yoga. The following week I came back to take (an amazing) class again, and I topped off the yoga-sundae with a figurative cherry — walking their gorgeous grass labyrinth. And during that walk I had a big thought inspired this email...

Most times, any one thing alone isn't going to make or break your business. We get the idea in our heads that as soon as we get the opportunity to X, Y, or Z, our business is going to boom! We’ll have our Oprah moment, and then the entire world will instantly know & want to work with us. Yes, it’s possible. But the more common reality is that we’re going to keep listening to our hearts, doing the work, and showing the F up. And slowly (or quickly) but surely, our businesses will grow. It’s not usually overnight, and it can’t be credited to one instant or one “thing” that we do in our business.

So yes, your colors are important.
Your logo is important.
Finding the right words is important.
And even more important, is sharing yourself in your business.

Really, what's going to make the difference is the sum of all those parts. 

Your Oprah Moment

It’s alllll of those things that will lead you/your business in the direction you want to go. Not one detail in a vacuum. So if you’re in an endless decision-making loop, please keep this in mind. Consider whatever it is in the context of the rest of the ingredients that are being added to make your business cake. (I often bring it back to food, have you noticed?!)

If you're feeling stuck on one specific thing, email me about it — I’ll share with my thoughts & send a personalized pep talk!