Popping in with a quick note, to tell you about a new functionality within Squarespace. (Some of my clients have asked about it, and I realized I should share this info with everyone!)

Squarespace's Email Platform

Squarespace has begun rolling out their own email platform (your site might not have access to it yet, but it's coming). 

This is exciting for the future, because you could have everything living in one place, with access to pull in blog content, products, etc. Instead of having to log in to various platforms to manage your email & website content, you'd do it all from one. If designed well, it could perfectly match your website!

However, it's not as robust as MailChimp or Constant Contact — there are no automations, segments or groups. While many of you don't use those yet, you may soon, and I'd hate for you to feel limited.

I'm honest & transparent with my opinions on things like this, and while I love Squarespace for so many things, the decision of whether to use it instead of another more robust platform is going to vary by business.

So bottom line, there's no need to switch right now — especially if you're happy with what you're already on. 

As Squarespace evolves & upgrades their email platform, I may feel differently, and you'll be the first group to hear me say it!