I thought it would be fun (and hopefully helpful) to share an aspect from behind-the-scenes of the design process. Especially if you’re thinking about getting a new logo — either DIY’ing it, or hiring a designer, there’s something unexpected to consider.

Why you may need multiple logos

When I have a strategy session with a client about their brand & logo, I ask many questions — about their mission, about the people they're hoping to help, about their goals & visions for their business.

And the one that seems to take many people by surprise — I ask where they think they'll be using their new logo.

Think of a business that's only online. They use their logo on the website, social media profile pics, social media posts, their business card, and maybe banner ads. Now think of a "brick & mortar" business. They'll have street signage, door signage, they might put the logo on brand merch like t-shirts or water-bottles, they may have brochures, in store-signage, and more — in addition to the website, social media and online advertising.

This info not only tells me at what scale your logo will be used (obviously street signage is much bigger than on your website!), but it also gives me an idea of the kind of orientation(s) it should be. This leads to determining how many versions of the logo you’ll need!

You may need a primary logo, an alt logo, and/or a submark (which is usually a very simplified version that can be used as a watermark). Knowing exactly what you’ll need is crucial in creating an accurate proposal and ensuring that you have all the necessary files to represent your brand in various places!

Only you know the grand vision you have for your brand & business… so you need to share that with your designer can so I (or they) can support you!