Do you understand why great design matters to the success of your business? I realized that while I share my design tips on social media & in emails – you might not know why any of this even matters to your bottom line! 

So instead of a pep talk today, I'm digging into this. Let’s take a step back, or zoom out, depending on which metaphor you prefer…

Have you ever heard that in order to sell your services, you need your potential client to feel like they know you, they like you, and they trust you? 


Think about when you are hiring someone. You discover this person somehow, and then do a little research — you look at their social media profiles, you look at their website, and eventually once you feel like you “know” them a bit, and you decide that you “like” them, you take the next step in working with them. You may not think about it consciously, but you’re not likely to want to work with someone that you don’t like. If they’re irritating you on Instagram because they swear too much, then chances are, you’re not going to love working with them, right? (Or maybe that’s exactly what you love about them!)

Similarly you want to work with people that feel trustworthy. On some level you want to trust that they aren’t going to “take your money & run”; that they’re going to do what they promise, and that any information you share with them will be kept safe. A lot of this happens on the subconscious level. (Most of us don’t think to ourselves, “yes, I like her, but do I trust her?”) But it happens, for sure.

All of these together are known as the “know-like-trust factor.” And it’s one (well, three) of the big reasons why great design is important.

If the design is weak, it gives a subconscious (or conscious in some cases) vibe about the dependability and integrity of you/your brand. Impactful design helps to give subconscious trust.

Here are a couple of ways to help your potential client get to know, like & trust you through design (there are more, but I don't want this to be overwhelming!):

  1. Make your content legible!

    It doesn't matter how "cute" it looks, if it's hard to read, it's not going to help your bottom line. Don't make people work to read your content! At minimum, make sure the fonts are big enough and there's enough contrast between background & the words. They're not going to stick around to learn more about you to get to the "trust" phase if they can't even understand what you're saying!

  2. Ensure your visual brand resonates with you & the experience you provide

    If someone doesn't know you personally, they "meet" you through your brand — online or in printed materials — so you want it to represent you well! Their perception of you initially, will be based on what they experience — your logo, website, brochure, business cards... all of it needs to feel like your business. If you're very serious, your business card shouldn't use comic sans (actually, don't use comic sans under any circumstances!) If your website feels chaotic and overwhelming, but you’re a decluttering expert, there’s a disconnect. To help grow your business, your visual brand needs to feel like the experience you provide, so when they meet you in real life, they feel like they've known you for a while already! 

  3. Stay consistent
    Whether it's with your overall fonts & colors, or posting in your Facebook group, consistency subconsciously shows that you’re reliable. A signal goes off in the background that you can follow through & stick with something. It also makes you recognizable – when they see your brand in multiple places it helps them to “know” you!

Sometimes the decision of whether to work with someone seems unexplainable... but there’s a chance the design may have influenced your reaction!

Knowing this, think about what you'll adjust on your next brochure or current website to make it easier for people to know, like & trust you? If you're stuck, don't be shy, I can help – email me & I'll give you 1 suggestion you can personally make!